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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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A Boston Athletic Club (BAC) Update
By Rick Winterson

     The BAC has several new programs, along with plenty of the good ol’ stuff.  Sparkling, colorful facilities are the rule, not the exception.  And they continue to support many local causes, as well as offering a unique Valentine’s Day idea.

     Its formal name is the Boston Athletic Club, but everyone refers to it as the BAC.  That’s a mark of familiarity or even outright affection, by the way.  The BAC is located at 653 Summer Street.  From the residential areas of South Boston, it’s most easily reached by taking the connector from First Street past the far end of the Reserve Channel.  And the BAC has the substantial Boston advantage of offering plenty of free parking to its members.

     A multi-year expansion program at the BAC has been completed for a while.   Full-sized courts are available, along with a swimming pool.  Free weight rooms and exercise machines of every description are accompanied by training rooms and leisure areas.  It’s a nice, convenient South Boston club that draws its membership from all over the city.

     With its spacious facilities, the BAC can offer a variety of new programs, while retaining the members’ old favorites.   One of the new programs, “Future Stars”, offers a tennis learning experience to youngsters aged four to seven.  It is a social program, in which the kids have fun while learning tennis basics.  Eight are enrolled from South Boston now; the BAC would like more.

     An adult tennis program is entitled “Meet Your Match”.  In part, it is a coaching program, but the objective is to meet partners with whom a member can play regularly.  There’s also an introductory adult training course in tennis.

     Among its court team sports, the BAC hosts mixed pickup volleyball games on Thursday evenings at 7:30.  The basketball league has proven to be extremely popular, and has expanded to 10 teams.  Its winter season just started on February 1.  The BAC even has a rugby team named the “Wolfhounds”, which trains in the BAC facility.

     New family activities include “family swims” for an hour and a half on Fridays (6 p.m.) and Sunday (12 noon).  Pilates, flexibility workouts, and weight training are offered to mature members seeking exercise and wellness conditioning.  And that all-important wellness component – nutrition – is part of the program.

     These are just a few examples.  Further information on the many BAC offerings can be obtained by calling Kerry Campbell, Sales Director of the BAC, at (617)269-4300.

     Among its public service activities, the BAC will again sponsor the Annual Jerry Martin Tennis and Raquetball Tournament.  Martin was the BAC General Manager for some years.  His Tournament, which includes an auction, benefits the Boys & Girls Club.  The BAC’s annual five-mile road race has been named for Jay Suddy, a highly respected trainer who was killed in an automobile accident last March.  Proceeds from the BAC Suddy Road Race also support the Boys & Girls Club, as well as funding a scholarship in Suddy’s hometown of Eastport, Maine.

     In 2006, the BAC is joining with 17 other athletic clubs in eastern Massachusetts to “Spin for Hope”.  Cyclists at the BAC will spin in support of the American Cancer Society, raising money for the time they spin, similar to the fundraising in an outdoor race.

     As for the unique Valentine’s Day idea, the BAC suggests taking out what they call a “Couples Membership”.  The membership fees for a twosome are attractively reduced.  It’s a great way to bring back a little togetherness in this frantic age, and working out with a companion is a pleasant incentive to keep at it.  Whether the couple is a husband and wife, boy friend/girl friend, or even sisters or roommates, a Couples Membership is a good investment.  February is also Heart Health Month, and nobody has to tell you that exercise is a major key to keeping your heart strong.

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The free weight room and benches in the BAC.

The wide, welcoming entrance to the BAC (note the ample free parking).

A regulation basketball court and exercise ball rack at the BAC.