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  Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Lauren Flaherty Returns to South Boston
By Rick Winterson

     She is intensely pursuing a singing career, and has made her own CD – soon to be officially launched.  Her talents include teaching voice.  And Lauren Flaherty is a hometown girl.

     Lauren Flaherty has made a CD, a CD that merited a World Songwriting Contest Award from Billboard Magazine.  Specifically, it is called “What Makes an Angel”.  Lauren got her Honorable Mention from Billboard for one particular cut on that CD – Track #3 entitled “Slowly”.

     That’s quite an achievement.  There are perhaps as many 15,000 entries in the annual Billboard competitions.  Only 100 or 200 songs get any sort of recognition at all, which puts “Slowly” in the top 1% of all submissions.  In terms of school grades, that’s the equivalent of an A-Plus.

     Lauren is a graduate of Berklee, where she was a scholarship student who obtained a double major in Songwriting and Vocal Performance.  She’s a powerful singer, giving winning performances in highly competitive concerts such as Berklee’s Singers Night.

     She has performed in Boston and New York.  Among her gigs was an evening at CBGB’s in Greenwich Village in New York City.  Locally, she sang acoustically at Club Passim at 47 Palmer Court in Harvard Square, and recently performed at An Tua Nua, just last Tuesday.

     In addition, Lauren has been on CCTV.  She was one of the featured artists on the “Project: Think Different” compilation (an alternative to mainstream media) from Empowerment Records.   And she has written hundreds of original songs.

     Lauren’s musical vocation – it can’t be called anything else – came suddenly.  At age 13, she was a shy young girl, who found it difficult to express herself.  Courtney Love’s songs spoke to her.  As Lauren says, “She sang about things I couldn’t say to anyone face to face.”  The next morning, she went out and bought a Yamaha acoustic guitar and began composing her own original songs right away.

     She progressed rapidly.  In addition to Courtney Love, her influences have included Garbage, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, The Cure, and Radiohead.  And she became devoted to Rock music – within three months, she had gone electronic.  When asked why she fell in love with Rock, she replies simply, “It’s the energy!”

     Lauren was born and brought up in South Boston.  Her home neighborhood was City Point.  Her parents are John and Donna Flaherty; she has a younger brother, Sean, who works in foodservice.

     Lauren’s schooling started at Gate of Heaven.  She also took some voice lessons at Fourth Presbyterian Church.  After Gatey, she went on to Boston Latin, and then spent a year at Northeastern studying some musical basics.  Two years ago, in 2003, she was awarded her two major degrees from Berklee.

     What goes ‘round, comes ‘round, as they say.  Lauren began teaching Voice at the Fourth Presbyterian Church last spring, and she is living in South Boston once again – you guessed it – in the City Point neighborhood.

     In true South Boston fashion, Lauren has served as a youth delegate for the Democratic Party.  She did a lot of volunteer work for John Kerry, and is now running to become a full Democratic Delegate in 2006.

     Lauren’s true love is singing.  She writes her songs to support her art as a performer.  In her words, “I want to make my audience feel everything I’m feeling – all of the joy, love, and outrage.  To create real art, and of course, to rock out.”

     Check her out for yourself.  Lauren is performing at the Kirkland Café in Somerville on Friday evening, February 10.  Her releases are available at www.cdbaby.com/LaurenFlaherty and http://empowermentrecords.com/empcd/

She has websites at www.LaurenFlaherty.com and www.myspace.com/LaurenFlaherty

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Lauren Flaherty, Berklee graduate, singer, songwriter, recording artist, voice teacher, and South Boston resident.