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  Thursday, February 26, 2015
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South Boston Police Report
By Police Officer Richard Doherty

      January 7, 2006
      About 4:05 p.m. officers responded to The Emerson Cleaners at 768 East Fourth Street for an armed robbery report. Victim reports a male suspect entered the store wearing a black ski mask and showed a handgun demanding money. Victim handed over the money and the suspect demanded the safe be opened. Victim opened the safe and handed over the money. Suspect was extremely nervous, shaking and at one point drop the gun and picked it back up. Suspect then fled out the back door to 'M' Street. District six detectives responded to the scene. To be further investigated.

      January 8, 2006
      About 12:10 p.m. officers from district six drug unit were in the area of Boston Street conducting an on going drug investigation. A known drug user was observed walking back and forth as if waiting for a drug delivery. A short time later a vehicle pulled along side the curb and the user entered the vehicle. Officers observed the driver remove an object from his mouth and hand it to the user. This is consistent with a drug transaction. The vehicle then drove towards Edward Everett Square and then on to the Expressway. Officers called for a marked police unit to assist with stopping the vehicle. The vehicle was stopped and officers recovered several large plastic bags containing a white powder believed to be heroin. Officers recovered numerous assorted power tools believed to have been stolen and sold for drugs. Suspects placed under arrest and transported to district six for booking. Drugs secured at district six drug locker.

      January 9, 2006
      About 6:45 p.m. officers from district six drug unit were in the area of Old Colony Avenue and Dorchester Street conducting an on going drug investigation. Officers observed a known drug user enter a building inside the development. The user then exited the building and left the area with officers following the suspect vehicle. A short time later the vehicle pulled along side the curb at 'K' Street and East Seventh Street. The passenger began talking with a group standing on the corner. Officers observed what appeared to be a drug transaction between the passenger and several youths. Officers approached the group and asked the female suspect to exit the vehicle at which time she dropped several packages of a rock like substance believed to be crack cocaine. Officers secured the drug and suspects will be appearing in South Boston District Court.

      About 10:30 p.m. victim walked into district six to report while walking on Pilsudski Way an unknown male suspect approached her from behind and grabbed her hand bag. Suspect then fled towards Patterson Way. Victim reports cash, credit cards, cellular phone and personal papers. District six detectives will be investigating.

      January 11, 2006
      About 10:05 p.m. officers responded to 309 West Broadway for a motor vehicle accident. Officers observed a male standing outside his motor vehicle unstable on his feet. Victim stated suspect backed into her vehicle causing damage to the driver's side. Officer's smelled strong odors of alcohol from suspects breathe. Officers asked him to perform a field sobriety test. Suspect attempted to walk the straight line, but failed to perform the test. Suspect placed under arrest and transported to district six for booking.

      January 12, 2006
      About 9:30 a.m. officers responded to 106 West Eighth Street for a vandalism report. Victim reports when he went to get his vehicle he noticed it was up on cinder blocks and all four tires were missing. Owner will secure the vehicle with a private tow.

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