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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Thursday, February 26, 2015
South Boston Online
South Boston Online
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Flaherty Re-Elected As Council Flaherty
Today, At-Large City Councillor Michael F. Flaherty was re-elected to a 5th term as Council President by a majority of his colleagues in a 9-4 vote.

Flaherty, who was joined by his wife and children immediately after the vote, said he was honored and humbled by his re-election. "I am very grateful to my fellow council members for their confidence in me and my ability to lead the Boston City Council forward in the year 2006," said Flaherty.

Although the Council's priorities will be more fully developed in the coming weeks, Flaherty's own priorities include: reducing youth and gun violence, closing the achievement gap, and ensuring there is affordable housing for all of Boston's residents.

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