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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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January 17, 2014
Meet The Tynan Girl
By Kevin Devlin

Emma’s in the fourth grade at the Tynan Elementary School. She’s doing well in school and really likes her math class. Her favorite color is red, her favorite band is “One Direction” and her favorite food is medium-cooked steak from the Bugaboo Steakhouse.

In her leisure time, Emma likes to play Xbox. She enjoys going outside her house to play Manhunt or Cops and Robbers with her friends. Her second home is the Tynan gym, because once that last bell rings in the Tynan school signaling the end of the school day, she’s on her way to the Tynan gym to play floor hockey, or hoop, or flag football.

In the world of sports, Emma started soccer when she was four years old and played several seasons in the South Boston Youth Soccer League. She’s also a Karate and Judo student and has taken classes at Ultimate Self Defense for a few years.

“I like Karate and Judo,” she said. “I’ve got my Yellow Belt and enjoy flipping my opponents over on the matt.”  

Emma started going to open skate at the Murphy Rink when she was only two years old and still journeys there with her friends. She plays hoop in the Gate of Heaven CYO girls’ house league program, which is held on Saturday mornings during the indoor season at the Walsh gym. And, someday she hopes to take gymnastic classes. 

If she was the President of the United States, she would, “have more security at stores and the airport, stop people from robbing stores and other people, and stop bullying in the schools…because it’s really a bad thing to do.”    

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