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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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January 10, 2014
Which Was Deeper? The Snow or the Hype?
By Rick Winterson

Let’s get real.  The actual snowfall amounted to about a foot here in the City.  As of this writing, it’s mostly gone.  Well, hasn’t a foot of snow fallen on Boston almost every single winter that you’ve been alive, usually more often than once?

Of course it has, and it’s news when it does.  It can affect safety, travel plans, and South Boston’s favorite subject – parking.  And admittedly, there were problem areas to the north and south of us.

But the nattering about this particular storm was constant and excessive.  The repetition went on for at least 48 hours, even though the storm lasted only 24.  It’s like the Titanic.  That ship took just 88 minutes to sink in real life, but the movie lasted almost three hours.The TV newscasters were especially bad.  With few exceptions, they mostly chattered from inside warm studios.  And most of them knew little about meteorology.  Worse than that were the comments of our elected officials, who told us to dress warmly and to stay home (Thanks, Mother!). 

Some of these officials actually costumed themselves in emergency jackets, in an attempt to make us think they were really in charge of something.  Oh well, a bit of political humor to welcome in the New Year is all right, we suppose.So, which was piled higher and deeper?  The snow?  Or the incessant comments about it?

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