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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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November 1, 2012

South Boston Podiatry Practices Consolidate

By Rick Winterson

   Dr. Millard T. Hennessee, Podiatrist, has been practicing in South Boston since 1983 – just shy of 30 years.  He moved from his original location at G and Broadway to 654 East Broadway in 1985.  He is pleased to announce that he will be assuming responsibility for Dr. Deepa Jhaveri’s podiatric practice that had been located at 361 West Broadway until now.

  This is a “friendly consolidation” – not a hostile takeover like you hear about in the media or Hollywood films.  Dr. Jhaveri has built an increasingly large practice at her branch office in Winthrop, near where she lives.  Furthermore, she has two young children and wants to spend more time with them.  She concluded that she should close her South Boston office and limit her practice to Winthrop.

  Dr. Jhaveri then approached Dr. Hennessee.  Between them, they came to an agreement that he would take on her South Boston patients.  The effective date of this agreement is Monday, October 29.  Already, several of her patients have contacted Dr. Hennessee for appointments at his office in November.  He encourages all of her patients to call or stop by his office at 654 East Broadway, which is a short bus ride or a 15-minute walk from Dr. Jhaveri’s office.

  You are entitled to ask how Dr. Hennessee plans to care for an increased number of patients.  That’s fair enough.  The doctor does not have office hours on Friday at this time, so in the immediate future, it’ll simply be a matter of scheduling patients on Friday whenever necessary.  In the longer term, Dr. Hennessee is perfectly willing to add to his professional staff to care for an increased patient load.

  In a recent interview, Dr. Hennessee mentioned that taking over Dr. Jhaveri’s patients has given him the opportunity to reassess and upgrade his entire practice.  He’s a relaxed and cordial man, but not one to wait – he has already added digital X-ray capability, installed new treatment chairs, put in a new computer, and switched his patients over to electronic health records.  In addition, he has redecorated his 654 Broadway office.

  Naturally, all of Dr. Hennessee’s current patients will continue to get the quality foot care they’ve always received.  In his own words, he believes that his larger practice is “re-energized” and now will provide the same or better care to all his patients – both current and new.

  South Boston Online has profiled Dr. Hennessee in the past.  He’s from Maryland and received an Electrical Engineering degree from the University there.  After working in a podiatrist’s office briefly, he knew he had found his lifetime profession.  He obtained a Biochemistry degree and went on to Temple University in urban Philadelphia.  His podiatric residency was centered in Jamaica Plain – at Deaconess, City Hospital, and Children’s.  He is married to Kathleen (Barrett), a periodontist in Newton.  They and their children, Laurel and Ryan, live in Wellesley.

  You may be interested to know how Dr. Hennessee decided to open his office in South Boston.  He was looking for Hardy Street and stopped by M Street Park to ask a passer-by for directions.  The man immediately jumped into the doctor’s car and said, “I’ll take ya there.”  Now, picture that happening to you in Philadelphia, or even in Jamaica Plain.  You’d thumb in 9-1-1 as soon as you could find your cell phone.  But not in South Boston.  Dr. Hennessee was so impressed by the spontaneous courtesy of the South Boston man that he decided to set up here.  He purchased Dr. Marguerite Cobb’s podiatric practice when she retired back in the 1980s.

  You might also be interested in the fact that Dr. Hennessee is one of the few doctors who still make calls on his housebound patients.  You’ll see him three or four times a week during his lunch hour making home visits to care for those patients who aren’t able to get to his office.       

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