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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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August 29, 2013
Dreams Do Come True
By Kevin Devlin

In 1992, he started training young, eager fighters at the Old Colony teen center. The ring which now holds center court (and a special place in his heart) in his fitness gym is the same ring that the Local 537 Pipefitter’s Union donated to the boxing program at the teen center. With boxing sustaining black eyes in and out-of-the ring and consequently unable sustain this program at Old Colony, Peter opened his gym on Dorchester Avenue. He subsequently moved across the street to his present location. Unfortunately, with the Fighter’s Conditioning Classes being his bread and butter, fighters sometimes had to take a back seat; but not anymore.

His new wing will eradicate that vexing problem.  His new boxing wing is located directly across from his gym and formerly housed a mechanical as well as an electrical supply outlet. The new main boxing area will only undergo Spartan changes. Peter emphasized the need for current and future fighters to train in the same environment as did past fighters; earthy to say the least. This room will include a twenty-four square foot boxer’s ring and a sixteen square foot banger’s ring. Speed bags, heavy bags and a shadow boxing area will also be located there. In a smaller adjacent room, cardio-exercise and strength-training will be provided.

Peter hopes to bring back boxing to its former days of respect and greatness. He’s read about the glory days (circa 1920-1970’s) and sincerely feels a renaissance can be realized.

“Like the successful BNBL (the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League) we want to reach out to every neighborhood in the city and bring these kids together. We also want to reach out to kids from surrounding towns and from throughout New England. We’ll reach out to community outreach workers and counselors, networking to bring these youngsters together. With this new wing, the kids will be able to spar which is critical in their development. We hope to bring them together and then get parents involved when fights are featured.

”Peter feels boxing helped him transition from the ugliness that can be found on the streets to a world focused on discipline, sportsmanship and physical fitness.

“Guys like Danny Long, Tommy Connors, and Bobby Gries showed me the finer points, the fundamentals of boxing to transition from the street into the ring. They gave their time, effort, and energy. It changed my life and hopefully our plans to expand will change...will impact young lives as we move forward.

”Peter understands the educational component is also important for these eager pugilists.

“Expanding their horizons, we’d also like to focus on educational opportunities,” Peter said. “In the future I want to implement a program which would prepare city kids to take our exam school tests. I’d like to see them given the chance to get the best education possible.”   

 Some people like to talk but not act. Peter, as the cliché goes, is willing to put his money where his mouth is to help future generations of fighters enjoy these experiences, to enrich their lives.  

Dedication and focus are usually dependable predictors of a fruitful future, so those who become faithfully engaged in Peter Welch’s boxing program should realize success in and out-of-the ring.

And, as far as dreams go, who says they can’t come true.  

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