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South Boston Online
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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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June 20, 2013
Meet Lily Joyce
By Kevin Devlin
 Lily’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese and her favorite color is pink. In her leisure time, she loves spending quality time with family members and also listening to country western songs when she’s resting. At the Tynan gym, she mingles with friends playing pick-up basketball games and shooting around.  In the world of sports, Lily has been a cheerleader in the South Boston Pop Warner League for the past seven seasons. Last year, she was on the “A” squad which finished third in the Nationals held in Florida. When cheerleading, she enjoys being with friends and stunting (throwing teammates up in the air). Lilly has skated for two years and is on the Angels squad in the South Boston Youth Hockey League. She just feels free and alive when she’s on the ice. She’s been active in the South Boston Youth Softball League for three years. This season she’s a member of the Purple Force and is utilized as a catcher and an outfielder. Lily craves the competitiveness of the game while having fun.   Since she was five years old, Lily has worn out quite a few pairs of cleats participating in the South Boston Youth Soccer League. She welcomes the physical fitness-demands of this sport as well as forging new friendships. And finally, she’s a hoopster. Lily was introduced to the world of basketball in the Gate of Heaven CYO instructional basketball league, and subsequently played on house and travel league teams. She played in the Tynan Middle School spring hoop league and intends to compete in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL) which starts in July. She’s a forward, a good rebounder, and knows that players need to work together on both ends of the court to be victorious. Tynan Community Center Athletic Director Robbie Walton has high praise for our student-athlete.“Lily’s an energetic kid who never has anything but a smile on her face,” said Walton. “She works hard while having fun…which is something you look for in every teen.” 

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