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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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October 24, 2013
Meet Club Kids Jadhen and Salah
By Kevin Devlin

Jadhen Rousseau, 10, is the son of Haitian immigrants, Julia and Yedence. He also has a sister Nadia and a brother named Kenny. He’s in the fifth grade at the Condon Elementary School which is located in Southie. He loves his writing class and his favorite color is red. His favorite professional athlete is Miami Heat and NBA superstar, Lebron James. 

At home, Jadhen likes keeps busy with household chores. And he’s an avid rapper fan.

“I like to blast my music when I’m home doing house work,” he said. “I sweep and mop the floors, and clean the whole house for my mom.

”When he’s not helping out his mom or at the Club, Jadhen likes to play Manhunt with his friends, ride his bike, and play hoop. He likes to read and is currently captivated by the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” written by American author, Jeff Kinney. 

If Jadhen was the President of the United State, he would, “…Have all the gangs meet and tell them to stop killing each other. Young kids in Chicago are dying because of this. All the gang members should come together and stop the violence. I would also build more parks for the people to enjoy.” 

Salah Maalim, 10, is the son of Somalian immigrants, Amina and Shueb. He’s in the fifth grade at the Perkins Elementary School which is safely tucked away inside the Old Colony Development. He loves going to math class and someday hopes to be a professional hoop player. 

His favorite professional athletes are present day NBA star, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as former NBA greats, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is pizza. At home, Salah plays Xbox games, does his homework, and then goes outside to play with his pal Jadhen. 

If he was living on Pennsylvania Avenue as the nation’s top executive, Salah would, “…Make sure only police officers have guns. Anyone who wants a gun license would have to see me in the White House and tell me why they want a gun license and then I would say yes or no. They would have to be at least 35 years-old.  And, it wouldn’t be any of those crazy guns that shoot a lot of bullets. There isn’t any need for these guns to be in the streets… or in homes.”   

Wow, such wisdom coming from these young boys is certainly refreshing. Perhaps we should send them to Washington to help out our elected officials come up with some good policies.

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