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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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January 31, 2014
Let's Not Spoil It
By Kevin Devlin
First, you actually have to shovel out a space before you can reserve it. You can’t leave your cone, or any other personal identifying marker, if you just plunk it down on a pile of snow. Second, you can’t reserve a space if we only have three or four inches of snow. We’re talking Nor’easter, or a storm that drops at least eight inches of snow in our midst. 
One resident told me that after our last alleged storm which dropped only five inches in the Hub, her neighbors on East First Street (which is a designated snow emergency street) actually put out their markers after the snow plows cleared the street. That is not the intent. 
If you brave the bitter cold and spend considerable time and energy to clear a spot, then that’s temporarily your space. Simple, you shovel it, you own it; but not forever. After a few days when the snow surrenders to the Sun and the elements, take the marker and put it away for another stormy day. 
Overall the system’s a success and has worked for years. There have been abuses. Sometimes people disregard another’s marker and park their vehicle in the spot. That’s a no-no. In the past, eggs have been thrown on windshields, tires slashed; people upset and out-of-control. One poor elderly man was recently physically assaulted. 
Let’s not spoil a good thing.
Use common sense and be courteous. 
We’re all in this together.          

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