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  Monday, March 2, 2015
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August 29, 2013
Italian Pride Night, 2013
By Rick Winterson

The first finishers cascade down the final chute at Italian Pride Night.

On the City’s ParkArts bandstand, the Strictly Sinatra band played standards by Frank Sinatra.  This band is a highly skilled, twelve-piece outfit, who play in a swing mode with creative solo improvisations in the modern jazz genre.  The rhythms were solid enough to entice some fans to dance, even on the thick grass growing in Medal of Honor Park.

A word about Michael Dutra.  He’s the lead singer with Strictly Sinatra, and he’s good.  Very good.   He sang Sinatra standards (of course).  But there was a difference.  Michael sings in an effortless baritone that actually sounds like Ol’ Blue Eyes.  It was a remarkable and enjoyable performance.  And what better way to celebrate Italian Pride Night than by listening to Frank Sinatra’s hits?

The high point of the evening came when Mayor Menino conferred the Italian-American Woman of the Year Award on South Boston’s Barbara Caputo Kelly.  There’s no need to narrate her many, many accomplishments – you already know about them, including the creativity she brought to South Boston Online.  Barbara accepted her Award humbly, thanking her family, friends, and all those who influenced her, as her father, her husband Joe Kelly, and her children – Christine, Brendan, and Patrick – gathered around her and the Mayor.

You know something?  Out of all of America’s immigrant groups, it might be Italian-Americans who have best succeeded in achieving the American dream.

Three of the guys at Italian Pride Night -- Joe, George, and Rob.

Award winner Barbara Kelly, Tom Tinlin, and Susan Woods have Italian Pride.

Everyone is Italian (or wants to be) at the Italian Pride "time."

So, its politics at Italian Pride Night. So, what else did you expect?

Italian-American Woman of the Year Barbara Caputo Kelly, with Boston's Italian Mayor.

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