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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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September 5, 2013
Linehan Calls to Suspend Rental Inspection Ordinance

Councilor Linehan joined several of his colleagues in writing a letter to Mayor Menino asking for the ordinance to be suspended until it once again goes before the City Council.  Councilor Charles Yancey called for a hearing on the matter at a recent City Council meeting and Councilor Linehan which Councilor Linehan supported.

The original deadline for registration was extended to August 31st because of the confusion around who was required to register, who was exempt and what the fees were.

Councilor Linehan added, “When this ordinance was first proposed I voted against it.  I felt then, as I do now, that this is an unfair tax on property owners who already pay their fair share in property taxes.  The way in which this ordinance has been implemented has been confusing and problematic.  I would like to see this ordinance repealed and will continue to work toward that end.  We owe it to the taxpaying residents of Boston to provide a clear explanation of the consequences of the ordinance which has not been provided as of yet.

”The City Council hearing on this matter should be held soon and we will spread the word throughout the district so those affected can attend and testify.If you have any questions you can call Councilor Linehan’s Office at 617-635-3203.  You can also follow him on facebook, Bill Linehan and Twitter @Linehanbill.

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