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  Friday, February 27, 2015
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December 14, 2012

The Framery Comes to South Boston

By Rick Winterson

  Perhaps you sometimes wonder what the word “craft” really means.  Victoria and her wholly owned small business – “The Beacon Hill Framery” – bring 40 years of experience in the craft of framing to South Boston at 844 Summer Street.  She has just opened a first floor framing showroom and workshop.  Be sure to give her eye-catching window displays a look when you next pass by.  That’s an example of craft.

  Most people imagine pictures – maps, paintings, photographs, and so on - when they think of frames, which is usually true, of course.  Right now, Victoria is working on a rush job for Mass General:  Framing wide-angle photographs of the Boston skyline as Christmas gifts to their surgeons.

  But there are countless other ways to look at framing, such as Victoria’s shadow box surrounding the horseshoe crab she found on Nauset Beach.  Shadow boxes are Victoria’s favorite and most creative type of frames.  Documents, period jewelry, or a child’s toy are just a few of the objects that become striking in a shadow box.  She is currently creating a memento of the Massachusetts State Trooper who perished in the Ted Williams Tunnel.  His family is placing his jersey in a shadow box.

  The frames Victoria can provide at The Beacon Hill Framery are highly varied and eclectic.  She has a LOT of styles.   Please refer to her ad on page __.  That shows only a small part of the true scope of her offerings, but note the unusual grouping to the upper left.  They are unique, and are evocative of Victorian pewter frames.  Browse around The Framery while you are there.  You’ll find something for every taste.

  Victoria is from Exeter, New Hampshire.  She and her artist parents lived in many places while she grew up.  But she wanted to return to New England, so she hitchhiked back here from Virginia.  Yes, she hitchhiked.  Since then, she has worked in many hands-on, creative pursuits.

  And she’s a good businesswoman, too.  Customers who buy two frames can pick a third one of equal value for free (until January 31).  In deference to the Holiday Season, she sells gift certificates and will accept custom framing orders right up to Monday, December 24.  And anyone who mentions this article or her ad you will receive 15% off on custom framing orders.

  Stop in at The Beacon Hill Framery at 844 Summer Street, or give Victoria a ring at 616-315-7399.  

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