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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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June 26, 2008
Monument to Fr. Jim Lane Unveiled
By Rick Winterson

The statue of the somber serviceman at the Korean War Memorial and the 20 names of South Boston’s Korean War dead, contrasted with the cool, partly sunny weather on the tip of Castle Island.  Over a hundred veterans, friends, and members of St. Brendan’s Parish gathered to commemorate the Korean casualties and to dedicate a memorial to Fr. Jim Lane.

Ed Toland, whose brother Donald died in Korea, was the Master of Ceremonies.  Fr. Robert Casey, Pastor at St. Brigid Parish, gave the invocation.  The Star Spangled Banner was played.

In his remarks, Congressman Stephen Lynch spoke of his visits to Iraq.  When he asked why the young American soldiers there enlisted to serve, they replied that it was because of the example set by veterans in their families – veterans like those taking part in the observances at the Korean War Memorial.  State Sen. Jack Hart quoted the line from the marker on the Burma Road:  “For your tomorrows, we gave our todays.”

Harry Uhlman eulogized Fr. Jim, saying it was an honor to speak about him.  His name will not be forgotten, according to Uhlman, because of the network of scholarships set up in Lane’s name.  The stone monument to Father James H. Lane at the right of the Korean War Memorial was then unveiled and wreaths emplaced. 

It is inscribed with the words, “There are some people whose absence diminishes all of us permanently.  Because they are unique, they will not come our way again.  Father Jim Lane was such a person.”

Ed Toland then read the Honor Roll of 20 names on the Korean War Memorial.  “Taps” was blown.  A collation, courtesy of Cranberry Café, was served at the Perkins Post.

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The stone monument to the memory of Fr. James H. Lane – “He will not come our way again.”