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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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Donovan Brings Experience, Integrity to Suffolk Court System
On Thursday September 6, candidates for state and county offices will compete for their respective party nomination. Normally held on the second Tuesday in September, primary day was changed by the Governor and legislature to the first Thursday in September this year so as not to conflict with September 11. Having to play second fiddle to the Presidential and US Senate races, little attention has been given to local, state and county races, in particular the race for Superior Court Clerk- Civil Business in Suffolk County. Suffolk County’s Superior Court Clerk Michael Joseph Donovan is running for re-election to a position he has held since 1976. Donovan started off in an entry level position, earning promotions for his hard work and commitment. Donovan is the only person to have worked in every position in the Clerk’s office. Having put himself through college and law school at night, both at Suffolk University and Suffolk Law School, when the top job opened up Donovan believed with his experience and work ethic that he could do as good a job as Clerk as anyone else. So did the voters in Suffolk County. In 1976 he was elected Clerk and the voters of Suffolk County have sent him back every term since. Having an opponent for the first time since first being elected Clerk, Donovan sees this as an opportunity to share his accomplished record as Clerk with voters. Despite budget cuts leaving him with 40 staff members compared to 123 in 1980 at its peak, Donovan has maintained a reputation as a fair and thorough manager as Clerk Magistrate of Suffolk’s Superior Court. The longest serving elected official in Suffolk County today, Donovan has earned accolades from nearly every Bar Association group for his leadership in the Courts. Most recently Donovan was honored by the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys with their ‘Lifetime Achievement Award for Public Service to the Court’.

In addition, Donovan has been the President of the Superior Court Clerk’s Association for the last 20 years and is the Founder and Chair of the Education Committee for Superior Court Clerks and Assistant Clerks. Outside of his court work, Donovan has been an adjunct professor of Law at New England Law School in Boston for almost 30 years and a youth basketball coach for Gate of Heaven CYO in his hometown of South Boston for the last 15 years. Prior to serving as Clerk, Donovan spent 6 years in the Marine Corps Reserve.

When asked about this year’s election, Donovan says he still has the passion for the job and believes there is nobody more qualified to do it. “The Clerk’s office plays an important role in the administration of justice. If you have a strong Clerk Magistrate, you have a strong court. It’s what drives me to do a better job each day and why I am still committed to the office.”

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