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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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January 10, 2014
Congratulations, Bill!
By Rick Winterson

From the 13 City Councilors, Bill received eight votes:  his own, Frank Baker (Dorchester, some of South Boston), Mark Ciommo (Allston-Brighton), Sal LaMattina (East Boston), Timothy McCarthy (Hyde Park), Stephen Murphy, Michael Flaherty, and Michelle Wu.  Murphy, Flaherty, and Wu are all City Councilors-at-Large.

Per the City charter, the call for a new City Council President is issued by the longest serving City Councilor, in this case Charles Yancey (Mattapan ).  The ensuing election was not without controversy – Councilors O’Malley, Jackson, and Pressley had expressed interest in the seat.

In an unusual move, Jackson asked for a rule change, so that candidates could speak for themselves.  Linehan chose to remain silent; Councilor-at-Large Annaya Pressley delivered a stem-winding speech on her own behalf.  

This, and the subsequent voting, were punctuated by screaming along with some hissing as the vote progressed, but Linehan won cleanly with an 8-5 majority.

At the risk of a little editorializing, South Boston Online will venture its own take on Bill’s approach to office.  He has stated that his citywide experience, coupled with his desire to delegate more authority to individual members of the City Council, will make for a stronger Council.  That is a progressive tactic.  It’s just what our City Council needs.Once again, Bill, congratulations from South Boston Online. 

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