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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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November 8, 2012

Councilor Linehan files Order for the Re-instatement of the Boston Police Cadet Program

The Boston Police Cadet Program was created as an on-the-job training program that was used by the Boston Police Department for over 40 years to train young residents between 18-24 years old who were interested in a career in law enforcement.  The program was discontinued in FY 2010 due to budget constraints related to the economic recession.

The Cadet Program established a distinguished record of preparing thousands of young Bostonians to become police officers through hands-on work experience and rigorous basic training exercises.  The program maintained a list of qualified, trained and pre-screened applicants for when the Boston Police Department prepared to add a new class of officers.   Some of Boston’s finest officers and supervisors began as cadets.

In order to increase the level of community policing in neighborhoods across the city it is important to reinstate this once extremely successful program.  Cadets, while not sworn police officers, can assist with traffic, administration and perform certain duties at the district stations and Police Headquarters in order to free up additional police officers for more critical calls.

The experience cadets receive during this two year program positions them to be a step ahead of others coming out of the Police Academy.  A review of the program demonstrates that those selected represent the demographic makeup of the City of Boston and those who have been raised here.

Councilor Linehan stated, “Reinstating the Cadet program gives young adults in the neighborhoods a clear path to become Boston Police Officers.  The need for more officers in my District is clear.  I intend to pursue all avenues to address public safety needs.  This program puts officers on the street who are the future of Boston and will be totally committed to its future.”

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