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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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September 5, 2013
Fire at Broadway Station
By Rick Winterson

As the subway train came to a halt, the car’s lights began flickering, indicating a power supply outage.  The subway train stopped and started again, inching forward slowly. 

The writer’s car and the one ahead of it began filling with smoke.The motorman first announced that we would be “moving momentarily”, followed by his announcement of a fire at Broadway Station.  The smoke, and that distinct smell of burning electrical insulation, became noticeably thicker. 

The passengers were obviously concerned, but kept their cool.The motorman announced that we were reversing back to South Station to get away from the fire.  He raced through the cars to the inbound control panel at the other end of the train.  Slowly, we proceeded back to South Station without further incident.  The motorman then had to run back to the outbound end to open the doors. 

It was good to get off safely and smell fresh air, even the warm, humid stuff that had been trapped in South Station all day.Broadway Station is still closed as of this writing (on Labor Day).  Expectations are that it will have been opened by Tuesday; meanwhile, shuttle buses are transiting between Park Street and JFK/UMass.

The motorman, whoever he was, is to be complimented on his quick, skilled handling of what could have been a major accident involving a large number of “T” passengers.  South Boston Online hopes he gets proper credit for his actions.

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