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South Boston Online
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  Friday, March 27, 2015
South Boston Online
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February 14, 2014
Just Admit You Are Wrong
By Kevin Devlin
On Super Bowl Sunday, President Obama did the “Ali Shuffle” and danced around, successfully keeping us locked inside that dark room, without any truthful answers to relevant questions surrounding the Benghazi and IRS Investigations. 
Recently, Governor Deval Patrick, the clever Scarlet Pimpernel that he is, said the tragedy surrounding the five-year-old Fitchburg boy was a “great opportunity” to revamp the Department of Children and Families. Last Monday, State Representative Shauna O’Connell (R-Taunton) said that Deval’s administration should just admit their mistakes and then move forward to rectify them so hopefully they won’t reoccur. But that isn’t going to happen. 
Many politicians don’t want to tell us the truth but they need to stop their transparent spins. We don’t want broken promises never meant to be kept. We don’t want falsified predictions. They need to step up and be responsible when the moment dictates it. We elected them because we trusted in them to do the right thing at the right time. 
If they did have faith in us, perhaps we could learn to have faith in them again. If they were honest with us, perhaps we could possibly “trust” them-once again-to be who we expected them to be, nothing more and nothing less.
Is that too much to ask?

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